Spring til indhold

Ali Baba Næstved

    Sidst opdateret den maj 24, 2023 06:40

    Plakater til stuen → Indret stuen med flotte plakater

    Leder du efter plakater til stuen? Gå på opdaglese i vores dansk designede og producerede plakater! Pift stuen op med friske plakater til dine vægge her!

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    Kelenken is a genus of phorus­rhacid, an extinct group of large, predatory birds, which lived in what is now Argentina about 15 million years ago. The only known specimen was discovered by high school student Guillermo Aguirre-Zabala in Patagonia, and was made the holotype of the new genus and species Kelenken guillermoi in 2007. The generic name references a spirit in …

    1790 – Wikipedia

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